Saturday, 28 May 2011


Well it looks as though we have driven our poor Harley into the ground!  It is not well at all!  all the engine has had to be stripped down and re-built!   We have not been able to ride it at all this year, it has been a slow process determining what was wrong and then fixing it.   We have driven the poor old Bike hard though over 14,000 miles in two years! 

Hopefully we may hear the wonderful noise of the engine again by the end of this Bank Holiday weekend, then it will have to be run in and then we shall be off again!  However, shall we keep this Harley Road King! or is it time to find a new one!  Shhh we must say that quietly or it will never start! 

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Still no rain for us here in the South of England, but the garden is looking lovely and everything is blooming well with a bit of additional water from the can!  The Poppies are at their best at the moment, the little un-opened flowers look like fairies slippers!

We have several clematis climbing high in the garden too, they are looking wonderful too

Just the one miniature Rose out at the moment the beautiful orange against the green leaves is dazzling, with a little rain water they will all be even better.

Hope you are enjoying your garden too and you are having more rain than we are!!!  Not that we want too much - it must no when to stop!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Two Bears for the website:

Two new Bears for the website this week: I am not sure where the week went - it must be all the missed Mondays! with the Bank Holidays it makes the week so short.
Anyway this is PEBBLES:

This is a beautiful faux fur in all the shades of the colours that you would find on the Beach.  Not too large a Bear at just 10".  He is available now on my website looking for a new home, perhaps by the Beach?

Next we have:  DANIEL my honey bear!

He has found himself in rather a sticky situation!  He has eaten all the honey but the Bees obviously think there is more to be had!  A small Bear for me at just 6".

Hope you like them - until the next time! Beary hugs x


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