Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bye Bye Carpet! Hello Laminate!!

Yes dear Ziva has had her wicked way with the carpet now, not content with the grass looking like moon craters! she was very insistent that the carpet was going to look the same.
We have tried so very hard stopping her but the size she is and with those massive teeth and the special pads that Malamutes have (they are very rough pads designed to grip the snow and ice and their claws open and retract rather like a cats for added grip)!  saving out carpet was something that was not going to last too long.

It took just 2 minutes last week when my back was turned - I have learnt that if Ziva is not within seeing distance you know she is up to something!
When I caught up with her the damage was done, so pictures came next, no good moaning now the deed had been done.

So Goodbye Carpet
and hello laminate flooring

as you can see Ziva is always willing to help!!

and then it all gets too much for the three of them!
However once Sunday evening arrived the job was completed - except for the edging of course, and most of the furniture placed back.  Jazz thinks its an ice skating rink - she will have to slow up, and Ziva looks at home.  I shall put a rug through the middle but overall delighted with the outcome, should have done it years ago!  The 'dust bunnies' as I call them will be easy with the hoover brush and I have a special flooring mop! for cleaning.  Today is Tuesday and it feels like it has always been down, yesterdays wet paw prints have disappeared and little Jazz is slowing up, rug for the middle arrives tomorrow - very happy with just one thought.........



  1. Hey you beat me to it, lol! Looks very smart! We're still trying to find a spare weekend to get organised ... so far no holes in carpet, just lots of cleaning up after evening muddy walks, groan ... thank heavens for the Bissell!

  2. I do hope it is not tempting to tear up the wooden floor. She is a beautiful dog.



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