Friday, 22 March 2013

SHOW TIME - at last!

At last the long wait is over! The TEDDIES WORLDWIDE Show starts today, Friday, 4pm New York time and 8pm here in the UK: I have finished all 10 Bears and I do so hope that you are going to like them. They are all sitting in my workroom at the moment looking very bright and colourful. It has been fun once again making a group of Bears and not just the one, it certainly gets the `mojo' and creative juices in top form!
Have fun with this show there will be a lot to look at at, 75 Bear Artists with at least 5 bears and probably most with more. At least you can sit in the warm and browse the world and enjoy the weekend.

Just finally a big thank you if you did go and vote for your favourite Teddy Bear in all the categories that were available.

Your link for the show pages will be:

Sunday, 10 March 2013

PREVIEW BEAR for online show

Well at last I can now show you all my preview Teddy Bear for the forth coming Teddies Worldwide Show later on this month (see poster in previous post)!

This is Madam Chocolat, a very impressive 16" Bear dress in the most beautiful dress and jacket and hat.
To see the other Preview bears from 75 Artists visit:
and perhaps cast your vote for your favorite x

Thursday, 7 March 2013

ON LINE SHOW coming soon!

It will soon be time for the Teddies Worldwide On Line Show to begin - for all the details see the poster below:
I have been very busy and so far have 6 NEW Teddy Bears (and other animals) ready for this show.  Am hoping to complete 10 - but we shall see.
Its always a fun and hectic weekend and I don't even have to leave the home! and neither do you for that matter!
No previews allowed yet but one Bear will be there to see very soon now.  Hope you will like her enough to give her your vote! x


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