Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Well as you all know Paul and I live on the edge of the New Forest In Hampshire, to the West is the sea side town of Bournemouth and to the East is the port of Southampton.  Our roads during the past bank holiday weekend were crammed solid with Cars and Caravans all making their way to the Forest, Sea and Ports.  
We have learnt not to bother travelling over this weekend as it is one very long traffic jam in all directions.  So it was a weekend of some work and some tidying up of the garden.  It all needed doing and at least it did not rain. The pond in the front garden being to biggest challenge!  Pictures below to show the improvements! and as you can see despite all the rain the flowers are still performing very well.  As always JAZZ has to be in on the act - she is never far away when we are gardening:

We can see some of the fish once more!

A beautiful pink water lilly was hiding!

JAZZ never far away!

And of course our flag is always flying
high in our garden:

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Last February I made Romeo

and he found a lovely new home with Monica and her family.  Well Romeo needs a Juliette!  so last week she left my workroom to meet her Romeo:

This is what Monica had to say: Juliette has joined her Romeo and he is over the moon at meeting her as are we. She is absolutely gorgeous in every way.
Romeo simply couldn't believe his eyes when we opened her travelling box and out she clambered with her cheeky grin. They make a wonderful couple and are now snuggled together gazing into each others eyes as they get acquainted.
Her curly fur is a beautiful colour and her little face is so cheeky and happy that you simply have to smile when you look at her.
Thank you so much from Romeo and all of us at Four Paws House.
Sending you lots of beary hugs from Romeo and all of his beary friends.
Best wishes


Paul and I took a break away from work for the past few days and made the 200 mile journey on the Harley back to the place we both grew up in - Clacton-on-Sea in Essex that is on the East coast of the UK.  My baby Brother Colin and his Wife Sue and their son John live there and it was a great opportunity to say Hello to them all again after a very long time.  We had a great few days, and found a big change in the little seaside resort that we grew up in.  Pictures below as usual will tell the story:

Sue, and my Brother Colin

Sue, Paul and Colin

Our Pier!

The wind turbines have changed our view

Under the Pier

Very early Monday morning

Monday, 1 August 2011


Sunday was Andover Carnival Day and as members of the Royal British Legion Riders Branch we were invited to take part in the carnival alongside the RBL carnival float.  It was a very, very hot day and as usual at these events a lot of hanging around waiting for the time to roll!  There were 26 floats in all each about 40ft long - quite an impressive display.
4 o'clock saw the Carnival pull away and by 5.15 we were still going! only just though as the bikes were over heating and some had stopped all together, not a breath of fresh cooling air and we are realizing that being at the end of the procession is not a good idea on a motorbike!  We did make it to the end of the procession but had to wait for the bike to cool before we could make the journey home.  Some pictures below for you hope they tell their own story:


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