Friday, 27 April 2012

SASHA new Bear today

 Saying Hello to Sasha, my latest Bear, just love these new Tissavel faux furs, they are so soft and silky to the touch.  This one has a dark pruple backing with the beautiful pink tips, they just move in the breeze!
She is available from the website at the moment, hope you like her? x

Friday, 13 April 2012


Beautiful sunny Spring day here in Hampshire, the rain has been wonderful, everywhere is clean and fresh and bursting into life once more!  Need more rain by night and sun shine by day!  As if that is going to happen?
Anyway my latest Bear is BUTTER NUT, a very  happy Bear made just a little differently this time.  He has bent legs for sitting on the shelf or for dangling his legs over! and he has little bent arms too to finish off his rounded  cuddly body.  Available now from the website:

Hope you like him:

Friday, 6 April 2012


Great day out today with the Riders Branch - it was our cheque presentation (that is all the funds we have raised as a group over the past year for the RBLR Poppy Appeal).  Our cheque was for £139,524.40.
So here we all are at the service station meet just outside Cardiff in Wales - what a 'mob' we all are!!

This is Paul on our Harley ready for the off!  we went in convoy to the Castle - was great riding through the town of Cardiff as a pack of 130 bikes!   

Just bikes in front as far as you could see!

Simon Weston, the Falklands veteran, accepted our cheque, he rode into the castle on a trike. 

I am in the crowd - find me if you can!!

As I said a great day,  a 260 miles round trip for Paul and myself on the Harley, first time over the Severn Bridge and first trip to Cardiff in Wales.  The foreigners were very welcoming and organized a wonderful day for us all.


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