Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Latest Bears!

May/June was the month for the Gemini Birthstone Bear - I made PEARL, enjoyed making this lovely white Bear and even made the little necklaces of Pearls to go round each Teddies neck, my beginnings at jewellery making are growing!
#1 headed for the USA very quickly followed by numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5

The June/July Bear is coming along now ready for all those Cancer Birthdays!

I did make a smaller version of Pearl at just 8" for Sue (my Sister in law) 60th Birthday on the 7th June.

Then lastly this past week I had a commission for a little ones Christening Bear - 'AXL' he is a 15" cuddly Bear, with blue and silver trimmings
ready for the end of the month
Lastly was the competition I ran at the beginning of the month - I made 'Mocha Choc√≥ Latte' and opened this competition only to my mailing list members.  Sue Douma from the USA was lucky one! and Mocha Choc√≥ Latte is well on his way to her now.

Am now still working on your orders and commissions also the BEARS ON PARADE on line Show next month.  The link below should take you to the new Website for this:

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