Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Summer Weekend!!

SATURDAY - Well it was more like an Autumn weekend weather wise but the Dog Show still went on!  It was bitterly cold with a howling wind and heavy cloud and the odd drop of rain.  We were in a field so I think you can imagine the scene.  Here is Ziva and myself chatting to the judge! this was for the cutest puppy under 25 weeks!

We were pleased Ziva came 3rd

Not placed in the 'prettiest bitch' category!  that was all too much for Ziva and said wake me up when its all over!

However after a short nap came the 'prettiest eyes' and guess what we came in 2nd so
we decided to eat the 3rd place 2nd was so much better x

SUNDAY another glorious late June day saw us off to the beach once more after all if you can't go to the beach in June and expect it to be good when can you!!
It looks pleasant enough until that wave got just a little too close

It was freezing, still howling a gale no rain, but the sea surf was wet, the water was wild it certainly was no Summers Day.

This is just me looking pretty 4 months old now, and perhaps the world is not too bad.

And after it all, and more food I shall sleep across the water bowl so I shall stay cool, and those two Cocker Spaniels can not have any of the water!


  1. I would give you the prize for the prettiest dog.

  2. Thank you Kay, beaten by a PUG but beauty is in the eye of the beholder xxxx

  3. Lol, beaten by a pug indeed! Ziva is beautiful Lynette, first place all the way :) x



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