Monday, 20 June 2011


Yesterday Sunday 19th June saw Paul and I take the Harley for its first long ride since the engine rebuild!  It was the Veterans Day Parade in Weymouth and we have attended this for the past three years as part of The Royal British Legion Riders Branch.  The Branch is made up of Military Veterans and still serving members of the Armed Forces as well as non members of the Armed Forces all who have an interest in riding motorcycles.  We now have just under 5,000 members, scattered all over the UK.  I think you will find the pictures below tell their own story, this parade is well supported in Weymouth and the people go to great lengths to dress the part!   The parade too a good hour from beginning to end and as always it was a pleasure to be part of such an event:  

 Our Harley in the middle!

Lined up ready to go!!

A sneaky picture taken of Paul!!

Oh!! he managed to find me and take a sneaky picture too!!!!

 Still waiting to go!!

Lined up at the end of the parade!  Look at the cloud for JUNE!!

Great day and thank you the the towns people of Weymouth 

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