Monday, 29 July 2013

Another Sunday for swimming lessons!

Its the end of July and although the sun was shining it was still blowing quite strong at the beach today: As you can see the blue skies but lots of 'white horses' on the sea.  The bit of coast land that you can see is the corner of the Isle of Wight if you look carefully! you can just about make out the large rocks that jut out on the end of the island:  Paul and Ziva rushed ahead the cold water far too inviting.

This was a little quieter the tide was on its way out and revealed
all these lovely boulders to play on
And this was better still, no waves at all just somewhere to sit and cool
your tired legs and paws.

One man and his Dog!!  Can hardly believe that Ziva is only
5 months old, she is growing daily into a lovely strong beautiful girl.

Loving every minute of it !!

Truly exhausted! and YES I have eaten the wallpaper and the wall!!

And now I can hear you ask again 'But where are the Bears'?  Indeed I even ask the same question?
not a stitch sewn, but I do promise that with Hugglets Show in London just a few weeks away
I really must get started!

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  1. I know that feeling Lynette, lol! The days are flying past and Hugglets is looming ... but puppies are so much fun!



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