Monday, 17 October 2011


Sunday Paul & I ventured out in the early hours 6.30am!  to Highclere Castle.  Only a 60 mile journey for us but made worse by the freezing cold and thick, thick fog from the minute we left our home.  Not much fun I can assure you on a motorbike!  There was no one on the road (I wonder why not)! and the motorway was empty but then we could only just see in front of us.  Hypothermia was settling in on our arrival at the meeting point, the poor staff in the motorway service station must have been amused at 110 bikes all arriving and everyone dashing to find the air dryers for their frozen hands!!
All the bikes were on display in front of the Castle and the 30 that were in the display team (which included Paul) did a really good job considering they had not practised! or even performed anything like that before in a display arena, and on wet grass!  No one fell over!  Great day, very well supported again by the general public, several thousand people and the sun shone from mid day onwards.  The high light had to be the AVRO VULCAN which flew over twice, what an aircraft in the sky to see, well worth waiting for that to happen.  As always pictures below: hope you enjoy them.

Very early at Highclere, no one else about yet!!

Paul and I had a good look around the static aircraft well before everyone arrived, later in the day you could not see the aircraft for all the people around and in them!

The boys will never live this down : practising their display outside the arena without their motorbikes!!!

Video link below to see the boys in all their glory!!!!

The Royal Horse Artillery and gun carriage

This was the War Horse! absolutely brilliant, after a little while you forgot that 3 men were working him!  He strolled around the Castle grounds most of the afternoon.

And finally the AVRO VULCAN: if only you could hear the noise from that wonderful aircraft

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