Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Working, Playing and sleeping!

Beautiful sunny and rather warm bank holiday weekend saw us starting to build an outdoor room on the back of the house.  First off was the decking to be laid.  Help, as ever was at hand given by the youngest member of our household!

Zeva, is now 12 weeks old and becoming very comfortable in her new surroundings, sleeping all night now until 6.30am and still eating 4 times a day, she has eaten 4 kg of food in the two weeks we have had her and gained 2 kg in weight! and almost doubled her size, that is some going for a little girl!

Mind you it has all been too much for our eldest family member, Chloe is just happy to watch the 'youngsters' work!

Afraid that the middle member of our family Jazz, was no where to be seen all day! more than happy to remain indoors out of the way of  all and the noise!

And then it all got too much in the heat for the human!  and now just a few minutes later it was all too much for Zeva as well !

To be continued......................................... x

1 comment:

  1. The day in the life of a puppy. He is so cute.



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