Wednesday, 5 June 2013

1st morning at doggie school!

It was Training Classes for Zeva this morning!
There were 4 other puppies there, ranging in age from 10 weeks to the 6 months, a delightful little CockerPoo, no bigger than Ziva's head! a Labrador, a terrier and I am not sure what the las
t little pup was! I shall have to investigate further next week!
It was very good fun and WE did both learn a lot, something well worth taking puppies along too.
We learnt to sit, down, sit up and stand - stood still for a vet check and a recall down the hall. 
Ziva is still asleep from her 1 hour out this morning! Roll on next Wednesday!
You must think that all she does is sleep! after all these sleepy pics - I can assure you when she is awake she does not stand still long enough for the camera to capture her!
Its now nearly 16.00  4pm and she is still asleep!  Shame we can not do that every day!
I have even changed the bed today and tidied the house and played in the garden as well as list a Teddy Bear for adoption on my website!

Picture of FORGET-ME-NOT my latest Bear now available for adoption on my
also available on Bear Pile:


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