Monday, 6 January 2014

Late as Ever still on last month!

Have only just put all the Christmas pictures into the computer - I know always one month late but sometimes better than never!
So perhaps this time pictures will tell the story:
Christmas period was spent on the M3 to London and then the M3 and A33 to Henley on Thames.
We did have fun on the roads as they were fairly busy due to all the delays leading up to Christmas.  Most people were in good spirits and they loved following what appeared to be 'a Wolf' in the back of our SUV.  Ziva has a ton of room in the back to see out and also to lay down but she loves watching the cars behind.
David and Laurance live in the top floor of a block of three storey apartments but Ziva loved the view again watching the people over the way enjoying their Christmas dinners.

As you can see we took her Present with us and she never let it out of her sight.

Saturday the 28th we headed for Henley on Thames to visit eldest Son Paul, Clare and Talitha.
More on the roads today so the journey took a little longer.
Tali not having anything at all to do with Ziva! Tali will be 4 in April.  So no pictures I am afraid with the pair 
of them.

Tali did love her present though, she sure new what to do with the box!

and then out popped ...........

She knew what to do with her New Forest Pony - lovely seeing Tali again she grows so much each time we see her and is beginning to remember who we are!!
Nothing is of course too small for Daddy!
Nor for Grandad either

Henley on Thames was a rather lovely place to walk around mind you the Thames was well over its banks and flowing into the park

An inch more and it will be well over the towpath:
Ziva was watching the gulls and ducks but they had moved while someone else
was feeding them!

Below was one of Ziva's Christmas presents!  This is all so true
of an Alaskan Malamute:

And lastly I suppose I should mention that our little puppy Ziva has really grown up now, she came into Season the Sunday we returned home and is now a true awkward and grumpy teenager.  This week will be week two so we are most definitely confined to the home and garden although in true Malamute style she is howling in the garden for some longing male Mal every evening.  Her howl is developing very well now, she sounds very eerie and wild!
No training class this week or next she will have to miss that and is already hating the confines and is back to the eating of everything again in her bordom.  Walks are very short at about 9.30 in the evening!  Still there will only be the one Season for Ziva she will be spayed in 4 months time - although we have not told her yet!!

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