Monday, 10 February 2014

ZIVA I'm not a Husky I'm a Malamute!

I found this the other day and it really is so true of our beautiful ZIVA.  Every day and time that we walk her we are always asked is she a Husky!  After 11 months I am still smiling and saying no she is a Malamute. What they say, never heard of that but she is a gorgeous Husky!!
So here is something that explains our beautiful girlie:

-- I'm a Malamute.
I'm not a Husky!
I'm bigger, I'm stronger!
My eyes are color of chocolate, never blue.
My tail curls over my back; huskies and wolves hold theirs straight.
I'm built for strength and power, not speed.
I can pull many hundreds times my own weight. 
I'm not a wolf! I'm my own proud ancient breed.
Yes I'm nice, if you are. I am very intuitive.
I'm big and love to lean on people. This is affection not aggression.

Yes I shed - a lot! Your yard, furniture, floor will be covered in fluffs. Brush me often to keep my coat luxurious!
Yes I love the cold, -20 is good, +32 is warm. It's not mean to let me stay outside.
But I love the company of my people don't abandon me out there.
Yes I can bark, but I prefer to woowoo you!
I'll howl along with sirens. And wake you with a song as the sun rises.
If I don't agree with you I'll be sassy and talk back. WoooooWoooo!
No I don't need to eat a lot, nature gave me an efficient metabolism.
But I'll wolf whatever is in front of me and take yours too.
I prefer company of people over company of other dogs.
I'll chase a ball and maybe retrieve it a few times, then I'm bored of that dumb game.
My ancestors were wanderers. So am I. Keep me safe on a leash, always!
I'll bull through wood and vinyl fence, I'll even rip chain link.
I can jump high and dig deep. My play area must be secure.
My ancestors chased critters for food. Little fuzzies are my prey even if they're your friends.
I'm very intelligent but stubborn. I won't do your bidding unless there's something in it for me! Reward me!
If you don't want me to chew up your furniture and dig up your lawn, exercise and entertain me!
I can happily sleep on the patio or even in a crate, but I'm happiest if I can be near you, preferably snuggled in your bed.
Love me, and I'll love you for life!..............

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