Monday, 28 February 2011


A very long day but well worth all the effort, we were in the Basement and right next to the Ladies Loos but everyone found us with no trouble at all.  Personally we had a tremendous day, definitely no recession in Kensington yesterday!   We found it very well attended, even in our basement!, saw old and new customers, and it is always great to chat with you all.  Met Carole who was Brackenwood Bears but she gave up Bear making some time ago now but it was lovely to say HI again.  Bought some lovely new fabric so hopefully there will be some news Bears for you to see soon.
Libby & Natalie were there from Hamleys Toy Shop doing the rounds and clutching a huge blond Bear they were going to add to their shop.  They placed an order for another collection of Bears - so I shall be busy in the weeks to come.
Thank you to you all who came and said Hello yesterday and we shall see you again in September.
Picture below of our stand yesterday

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  1. Welcome to Blog Land Lynette! Lovely to catch up with you at the show yesterday. Love the pic of your stand! Great to hear you had a good show x



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