Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Up & Downs of a weekend!

Had a really wonderful start to the weekend with the Blooming Bear on line Show which ran for 36 hours this past weekend.  My Show Bears! Pussy Cat, and Bunny all found their new homes.
Lavender Blue travelling to United States, Morning Glory is heading for Canada and Brambles the Bunny is hopping his way to the United States too.  Willow the Pussy Cat is staying in the UK.  Little Harriet the Hedgehog was unlucky this time, never mind though she is having fun with me!  Had orders for two more Brambles the Bunny both for the US so I shall be a busy bunny too! 

Then disaster struck - my little Cocker Spaniel Chloe really did become very ill and it was a dash to Vet on Monday morning and a trip to the hospital.  She had an operation for a hernia and so glad to say that she was back home by tea time.  These animals are just so resilient aren't they?

 This is little Chloe still asleep after her traumatic day, she is 9 years old and it was
such an anxious wait waiting for the Vet to call to say all was well.

Anyway she has had a good long sleep for most of today and I expect the licking of the wound will start tomorrow and she will keep me running around after her trying to stop her!  Her Sister Jazz is enjoying the walks on her own but is sleeping with her all night!  Chloe is on three small meals a day at the moment, Jazz is very happy with this arrangement she can always eat food - and if you have to feed one you have to feed them both!

Chloe & her sister Jazz

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