Monday, 1 August 2011


Sunday was Andover Carnival Day and as members of the Royal British Legion Riders Branch we were invited to take part in the carnival alongside the RBL carnival float.  It was a very, very hot day and as usual at these events a lot of hanging around waiting for the time to roll!  There were 26 floats in all each about 40ft long - quite an impressive display.
4 o'clock saw the Carnival pull away and by 5.15 we were still going! only just though as the bikes were over heating and some had stopped all together, not a breath of fresh cooling air and we are realizing that being at the end of the procession is not a good idea on a motorbike!  We did make it to the end of the procession but had to wait for the bike to cool before we could make the journey home.  Some pictures below for you hope they tell their own story:

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