Monday, 5 September 2011


Paul and I headed back to Devon again this past weekend 3rd/4th Sept for the Seaton Illuminated Carnival.  Once again as members of the Royal British Legion Riders Branch we were taking part in the carnival with the Motorbikes.  This time we were at the front behind the fire engine and the Sea Cadet band!  What a Carnival, they certainly know how to put one on in the West Country.  Extremely well supported too, with thousands of people lining the streets all in the darkness.  There were at least 40 marvellously lit colourful floats with a good five or more majorette troops and all the Royalty floats too from the neighbouring towns.  The colour and the lights were fantastic and the noise!  The largest float at the end of the parade was 100 ft long!  Once all had passed the Sea Cadet band played and the bikes lined up with them for the Sunset service.   Afraid this time the pictures are not very good - it was very dark and the lights were very bright so your imagination will have to come in hand this time!
I did take a few pictures of Seaton itself just before breakfast on Sunday but it was a very cold and cloudy morning.

We stayed overnight at the Eyre Court in Seaton
just 100 yards from the Sea, more Seagulls as a dawn

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