Monday, 17 June 2013


A bit of everything here this time, firstly Ziva, now 15 weeks old.  Had our second week at Dog training.  Such fun and well worth going along too.  Lots of lead work this week and reinforcing the sit down sit up and stand.  Once again after the three quarters of an hour most of the puppies, including Ziva, were so tired she once again slept through until the late afternoon.
She has been helping with our new garden room that is growing on the back of our house.  'Its taking a long time' she says 'but it will be just right for me when its finished'!!    Huh!! that's what she thinks!

Still not too big for cuddles!! but more than an armful now!

Enjoying her walks - everything is all new and wonderful! 

On Sunday it was Burton Armed Forces Day - Paul and I sneaked away on the bike for a few hours to join in with their parade.  The pipes were amazing as the parade marched.  What a huge chap he was.

 Hubby Paul and Damo enjoying the moment!

 Some tranquillity in my garden when everyone is asleep!  a very late Azelea

 and my Peony which has finally flowered this year! must be the wet and the cold!

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