Saturday, 26 October 2013


Once again this is the time of year when we have our Poppy Appeal launches ready for Remembrance Sunday on the 10th November this year and Remembrance day on the 11th November at 11am.
Fridays launch was at Bournemouth in Dorset and was well attended by the military, children and the public and of course 'us lot'! on our bikes!

Today, Saturday, was the turn of Christchurch in Dorset, much blowier today and rather damp but the little square in Christchurch was well attended again with the Sea Cadets, Royal Air Force Cadets, the band and the large RBL Poppy Appeal tent,  the Riders Branch were lacking in members there was just the one bike! ours!

As always there was the tug of war between the Sea Cadets and The RAF Cadets, Sea Cadets winning and then they would normally have pulled against the Riders Branch.  Paul was rather out numbered!
so we had a little help!
Great fun had by all, even though it was rather cool and damp.

This was the first time that we had left Ziva on her own for several hours and it was rather interesting on our return!  We have built her a garden room! as her den and bed area! but we of course use it too as it is a lovely room to sit in.  This is what we came home to today!  Ziva obviously fancied a little bit of light reading while we were gone!

The day before she stayed in the kitchen and it was Jazz's bed that she decided she had had enough off!

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