Sunday, 2 March 2014

ZIVA 1 Year old Today x

Today the 2nd March is ZIVA'S 1st Birthday x  What a very quick year that has been and what a change from one 10 week old puppy last May to now.
I think some pictures might tell the tale x
First one though has to be her Birthday cake, she could not wait until tea time so she had her cake after breakfast!!  Liver cake and sprats!  just what we all would like!!

At 3 months old in July, ever and always the digger! You should see my garden now!!!

End of July, so hot cool cool water x

6 months old surveying her garden probably keeping watch on those Cocker
Spaniels that visit 

My Mum calls this 'plate surfing'!  I just
think it would be a waste if I didn't

7 months old in October and growing steadily into a beautiful girl

And here we are today the 2nd March her 1st Birthday a beautiful girl, loving her life,
Thank you Ziva we have loved having you share our world and we shall look forward to many more Birthdays with you in the future.  xx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZIVA  just look at that smile x  WooooWoooo

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  1. Happy First Birthday beautiful girl! Lots of love from Polly and Paula :) x



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