Thursday, 18 October 2012

Well I am enjoying the peace and quiet with no computer in my workroom - I am even getting used to the big black screen!  Is this a good sign I wonder!
Anyway not wanting to make Bears yesterday I made this rag wreath instead.  I cut out 420 squares from 5 fat quarters of christmassy material and prodded them all day into the polystyrene ring!  Very satisfying!

Have the need to make another one now, could have a house full by Christmas!  Ahh but then there is that new computer arriving soon and all those files and programmes that will need to be uploaded!  A very daunting job for next week.  Hope you like my Christmas Wreath - I have taken it off my door for now - little too early I think!  I can see Paul's face if I leave it up!


  1. Oh wow, this got every one going - fascinating input mixed with a good read.personalised teddy bear

  2. I've nipped over from Miss Peach's. What a great blog! Such cuties!

    That's a lovely wreath. I'll hang mine indoors this year. I had a gorgeous handmade one (not by me!) with berries, crystals and a dove, but some teenagers took it, pulled it to bits and threw it around the garden. We know who it was, but what can you do? The same ones who kicked over our snowman. No idea why they pick on us, but they do it every tear. OH! I JUST THOUGHT! Maybe I could make one with great big thorns on! LOL!

  3. Hello Helena, Mine was hung indoors I have a porch attached over the front door otherwise I am sure mine would go missing too.
    As for your teenagers! (not all are bad I have some wonderful ones as neighbours) I like the 'great big thorns' and I am sure we could think of other great deterrents too.
    Take care, beary hugs



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